What is Gotta Tri?  Who should join?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Gotta Tri could be the club for you!  We're just a fun bunch of people that get together for workouts, travel to races together, and try to have fun!  If you're looking to participate in a triathlon - or even a single-event swim, bike and/or run event(s) - and hang out with some fun people, than please consider joining our email list!

The members of Gotta Tri are of all sorts of ability and fitness levels.  We encourage participation from anyone who likes to push themselves and try new things, regardless of your level of competition.  Many Gotta Tri members will be competing their first triathlon in 2004.  Several members will never do a triathlon, but enjoy running and/or biking.  And still, some people simply join our workout activities as a recreational way to stay in shape.  Whatever your goals, we'd love to have you.