Happy Hours

we'll try to have at least one happy hour ever month - more or less as needed, depending on what everyone wants to do. 


every so often, we will try to hold informational meetings where our club members can learn some valuable information regarding their sport, whether it's swimming, cycling, running, or... TRIATHLONing!!  These programs will either be free or very cheap for club members.

Recruiting Talent

do you have a talent that you could share with the group?  maybe you are an expert in changing a flat tire?  or, maybe you have some super tips for open water swimming?  share your knowledge with the group!  every so often, you'll get an email asking for volunteers, however if you have an idea, please do not hesitate to email gottatri@lycos.com with details (include topic, what you'll need, etc).  What we're looking for right now:

  • how to change a flat tire

  • how to transition

  • what to expect in your first triathlon

  • introduction to open water swimming

  • mountain biking 101